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Energy Star

When you have Energy Star appliances, you’re not just doing well for the environment — you’re realizing a massive improvement in efficiency. Energy Star products are designed to help you live in maximum comfort by giving you excellent across-the-board

Here are some of the differences that you’ll notice with Energy Star products installed by the team at Rembrandt Homes:

  • Furnace – Min 95.5% Efficiency – 2 Stage “ECM” Motor – 10 Year Warranty
  • Windows Energy Star Rated with Low – E Glass & Argon Vinyl Windows
  • Perimeter of Windows & Doors Insulated with Expanding Foam
  • R19 – Exterior Wall Insulation
  • R50 – Attic Insulation
  • R31 for Joist – (Sloped) Ceiling Insulation
  • R12 Full Height Basement Wall Insulation ( 4″ From Floor )
  • All Ductwork to be Inside the Building Envelope
  • Main Supply, Return Trunk Lines and Take Offs From Furnace to be Tape Sealed
  • Energy Star Rated Thermostat
  • Energy Star Rated Direct Vent Hot Water Heater
  • Energy Star Rated High Efficiency Bathroom Exhaust Fans
  • “HRV” System – Simplified “Heat Recovery Ventilator” Installation
  • Energy Star – Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (In all Compatible Fixtures)
  • Tested and Verified by Independent Third Party
Rembrandt Homes living room fire place