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Single Family Homes

Rembrandt Homes understands that different people have a variety of preferences. Some want to live in a quiet, secluded area that gives them the feeling of being in the middle of the woods, while others prefer a setting that incorporates the hustle and bustle of a suburban area. Others, meanwhile, prefer something that’s in between. That’s why we have an extensive selection of communities in a variety of locations that feature two common characteristics: desirability and convenience.

Rembrandt Homes Single Family Homes
Rembrandt Walk

An ideal location for people who want to own their lot and home while enjoying the benefits of grounds maintenance and snowplowing. Rembrandt Walk has a variety of options to choose from, providing flexibility to live in a home that fits your preferences.

Rembrandt Estates Logo

With well-established neighbourhoods and a quiet setting, this Woodstock location is in high demand. Rembrandt Estates is a luxury community of single-family homes that include grounds maintenance services.

Rembrandt Homes Stonebridge

Just off the greens of North London’s Sunningdale Golf Course, Stonebridge is a community of single-family homes where you will enjoy the benefits of carefree grounds maintenance.